Teacher Comics: Goodbye Ms. Magee!


Back in college, I’d often draw one-off comics for friends of mine who were graduating or leaving school for some reason. I’ve always wanted to do a few for my teaching colleagues but for the most part, it’s kind of impossible. Teachers make decisions about leaving their positions over the summer months and a lot of times, educators I admire and appreciate will just be gone come August/September. There’s no real chance for goodbyes. In this case, I had ample warning so I wanted to draw a little something up for Jess.

In a lot of ways, the Selena character has a bit of Jess in her, in that she’s a personable math teacher who I’m friendly with outside of my discipline. Like I said in the comic, she will be greatly missed!

One Response to “Teacher Comics: Goodbye Ms. Magee!”

  1. What a nice story ^_^

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