Chalkboard drawings: The “Here comics Santa Claus” edition


The last chalkboard drawing of 2014! I don’t draw on the board during midterm exam week.

This post coincides with my holiday hiatus, during which I will be enjoying two weeks off from school with my kith and kin. I’ll also be working on comics for the second semester. I’ll likely pop on here now and then, but no new teaching comics until 2015.

Speaking of the new year, I’m hoping to have a small print edition of all the comics from the last four months ready for sale sometime in the first week of 2015. All of you folks who have said you’d like to own a print version of the comics over the years better get ready!

3 Responses to “Chalkboard drawings: The “Here comics Santa Claus” edition”

  1. I can’t wait!

    As a recent English grad, I love your comics. I found you on NPR and I’ve devoured your archive. I was lucky to have an English department in high school that was really great (drawing comics of Greek tragedies among other cool projects) but man, I wish I had you as a teacher in high school!

    Happy New Year! I’m anxiously awaiting your start of term. 🙂

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Hey, thanks so much. I’m tentatively mulling January 12th as a return date… however, I may get overly excited about being back at school and start posting on the 5th. That’s kind of what’s happened in the past!

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