Back this Kickstarter: Plaid Room Records

Anyone out there who has a moment: Please check out my buddy Terry’s Kickstarter. He’s opening a record store/live music venue here in Southwest Ohio.

Moving to the Buckeye State from NYC, I can tell you that record stores are few and far between out here. There are two good ones in Cincinnati and a decent on in Dayton, but in-between those two metropolises, vinyl stores are few and far between.

Terry’s a guy who has a ton of experience in the record industry, not only in selling records… but producing them for his own label. Take a moment and check out his proposal. I bet you kick a few shekels his way.


One Response to “Back this Kickstarter: Plaid Room Records”

  1. Done. Anything that tickles a cartoonist/teacher (should’ve been my life) and involve analog sound and vinyl is good enough for me. Even if it is in Ohio (I’m from Michigan). Rock on people. Kick in what you can.

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