Teacher comics: Trivia cracked


I did play a lot of Trivia Crack over the break with my students. My username is capearce81 and if anybody out there wants to have a go, I’m up for it. I’m pretty good on 5/6ths of the question types.

2 Responses to “Teacher comics: Trivia cracked”

  1. I agreed to play my students, although I warned them, “It’s like taking candy from a baby.” (“Listen to her throwing some shade on me!” ) Now some of them are close to beating me.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Yeah, I played it up a little bit in the comic but MOSTLY I’m winning with my students. The few times I’ve lost have either been because of the aforementioned Sports category or I just get busy with life and forget to go into the app to play. The latter are some easy wins for my students, haha!

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