Teacher comics: Essay thanks


A couple of things about this comic I couldn’t articulate in two panels:

1. I must edit and give help on dozens of college essays a year for students, both ones I’ve had in class and ones who’ve heard I’m a guy who will help them out with that sort of thing. You’d be surprised at how few “Thank you’s” I get for the effort. I’m not complaining exactly, but the fact that this particular student thought to thank me definitely made me think of doing a comic about this exchange.

2. I sweep my own room. Students who go through my classroom will often go off to college. I’ve had students who’ve left my class and chosen to become pre-med, pre-law, and many other rarefied career training courses. I am a teacher. I sweep my own room.

2 Responses to “Teacher comics: Essay thanks”

  1. You’re my hero. Thanks for doing what you do. It gives me hope for future generations.

  2. This is my life right now (except I clean chalkboards)! College application season can be brutal for English teachers. I’m a class sponsor for a group of 23 12th graders, and I’ve been wiped out by all the letters of recommendation and personal essay reviewing. It’s one of those things nobody tells you about when you accept a teaching position: there will be college essays. Oh yes, there will be college essays.

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