Teacher comics: A list of dystopia


If people leave comments of the names of other dystopian YA novel series, I’ll draw an additional panel of me naming them to Mika and having her say she’s already read them.

12 Responses to “Teacher comics: A list of dystopia”

  1. courtneyjohnson Says:

    Wool. Although it’s technically more adult fiction, there’s nothing in there that is inappropriate for a 9th grade+ reader. (I’d even trust my ‘mature’ middle schoolers.. it’s no worse than Harry Potter from book 4 onwards.)

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      I’ve had Wool sitting on my Kindle for about a year now – I should give it a shot, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Wayne Selover Says:

    Off the top of my head: Divergent, Among the Hidden, City of Ember.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Is the series called “Among the Hidden” or is that just the title of the first book? I couldn’t tell.

      • Wayne Selover Says:

        The series is actually called The Shadow Children, by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It consists of Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters, Among the Betrayed, Among the Barons, Among the Brave, Among the Enemy and Among the Free.

  3. Shatter Me, The Program, Delirium, The Limit, Unwind, Life As We Knew It, Birthmarked, The Testing, Awaken, All These Things I’ve Done, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Slated… recommend some of these to her! (I am a big fan of this genre… can you tell?) 🙂

  4. Perhaps not “dystopian” but set in a futuristic society — she may like the Stainless Steel Rat series.

  5. The Testing (I think it’s a trilogy) by Joelle Charbonneau (this is the closest to the standard dystopian template, I think, so it would be my first recommendation). Wither (trilogy, I dug the worldbuilding) by Lauren deStefano. The Selection (trilogy; at least one more on the way. Kind of similar in tone to Matched.) NIL (standalone, more or less fits, although it’s more in the man vs. [supernatural] nature kind of dystopia. Taken by Erin Bowman (I think there are two out and another on the way.) Gone by Michael Grant (there are a bunch; I couldn’t get past book 2 because–spoilers–flesh-eating worms with teeth.) Eve (trilogy, I think) by Anna Carey. Shatter Me (trilogy) by Tahereh Mafi. Also, this is slightly different in genre but I include it because it was the biggest hit among my “I hate reading but I loved the Hunger Games, now what” set–The Compound by S.A. Bodeen. If any of those are new to her and you need classroom copies, please add them to your wishlist (and shoot me an email, if you can) and I’d be happy to send a few your way. (If it’s not already clear, I’m a teacher AND a lover of YA dystopia, so I’d love to hook this girl up with something to read! If none of these hit I’ll keep thinking!)

  6. Maybe she’d enjoy delving into some heavier content. Some Dostoyevsky or Huxley perhaps?

  7. “We” by Zamyatin. Not strictly YA, but a short, easy read full of rich content. And a wonderful introduction to Russian literature.

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