Teacher Comics: The Challenge of the Artifacts


4 Responses to “Teacher Comics: The Challenge of the Artifacts”

  1. Love your critique of the generic administrator through the way you draw him. Also, as a Indy fan until my dying breath, I love this!

  2. In my understanding, an artifact is any piece of evidence that students are learning what you are teaching. It CAN be paperwork, but it could also be a video of a student presentation, a piece of artwork a student created for a literature project, a recording of a song written by a student, etc. Using the jargon may seem clunky, but isn’t it better than just saying paperwork, when paperwork doesn’t accurately cover all the options?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Sure, you’re absolutely right. I’m taking some humorous license.

      I hope I’m not coming off as disingenuous with the strip… but ultimately I think the point I’m making is valid. The word “paperwork” certainly doesn’t cover all the options… but the word “artifacts” is also bad at covering all the options. “Artifacts” is a pretty vaguely defined term..

      • I don’t think you’re being disingenuous. And I may just be a little over-sensitive. I just thought the “pointless” and “nothing to do with educating” were a bit strong.

        And believe me, I know the problems that teachers are facing with administrations using standardized test scores as a litmus test to judge teacher effectiveness. That’s really unfair for both teachers and students. On the other hand, obviously teachers do need to be evaluated, and I think student work is a decent way to do that. I don’t know.

        Anyway, love the Indiana Jones thing. Next time your admin asks you for an artifact and you give him something from a student that you are particularly proud of, you should say “This belongs in a museum!”

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