Teacher Comics: Student debate and discussion


I refrain from mentioning “Hester has to stay in Boston otherwise there would be no story for you to discuss and debate.”

2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: Student debate and discussion”

  1. That always makes me kind of nervous. You never really know where the discussion is going to go when it’s not so tightly structured, but you want them to practice having a productive discussion about the literature. It’s really exciting watching students create their own meaning from the reading, though. I witnessed (facilitated?) a discussion of Goethe’s Faust with a 12th grade class today: they started asking why Faust was unable to achieve contentment and ended with a debate about how education systems in modern western cultures can sometimes stymie genuine independence. I can’t say I had the whole thing planned, but it was a fruitful and necessary discussion for them to have at this point in their education.

  2. The Warty Hogg Says:

    Many, MANY years ago, a different teacher was assigned the advanced English class. We were reading “The Importance of Being Ernest” and were getting the jokes and figured out the plot twist with baby in the bag. She was amazed. She had been teaching about 10 years at that point and had NEVER had students get the jokes and figure out the plot twist before. Sad.

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