Teacher Comics: PARCC, Day Two


2 Responses to “Teacher Comics: PARCC, Day Two”

  1. I feel your pain just reading this. I’ve had similar experiences in the private sector. Typically its one of three problems…1) equipment that’s purchased with the cost of purchase in mind rather than the cost of ownership 2) needlessly complex systems, perhaps from an overzealous IT department that wants everything so tightly locked down it’s unusable, or someone is trying to justify their own existence or 3) the system is too open and people fiddle with things they shouldn’t. The third one, in my case, was the most likely. That’s why I like Thin Clients and Macs. There’s less that the user can fiddle with.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      I completely agree with you, sir. I think that a lot of schools think:

      Technology + Students = Success!

      …but there’s a heck of a lot of more to it than that. I’m confident we will find the sweet spot between those two factors but we’re just not there yet.

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