How you can help my classroom!

…yes, YOU!

Hi everybody. I wasn’t planning on doing any more DonorsChoose projects this year, but Burlington Coat Factory recently opened a branch in our neck of the woods and they specifically requested teachers in the area put projects up for perusal.

I’m hoping that might mean a few funding dollars coming my students’ way… but I thought I’d ask readers here to take a look as well. If you enjoy my comics, the best way you can help me out right now is to support my classroom.

College Bound Students Need New Reading Opportunities

Biff! Bam! POW! Art Supplies for a Literary Comic Magazine!

If you ender the promo code SPARK on the payment screen if you donate, your donation will be doubled. This awesome match offer lasts through March 12.

I can also mention that I have a variety of supplies and books chosen on an Amazon Wish List – readers have been so supportive through that venue in the past few months, it’s a bit overwhelming.

At any rate, you have my thanks if you donate… or if you can’t, but you share this out with other people here on Tumblr or on other social media venues.

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