Sketch Cover Sale! Help my classroom out and get some artwork!

It’s that time again, readers… time for me to hawk my good to y’all. I love drawing on sketch covers and now you can love owning one of the sketch covers I loved all over with my pencils, pens, and markers! That sounds like a good sales pitch, right???

Anyway, I’m trying to scrape some money together for the Gem City Comic Con at the end of the month. My students and I are paneling at the show on Saturday and I’d like to have a little extra scratch for gas and other amenities. Last year I gave the kids a couple of bucks and let them go crazy at the long boxes, and that was super awesome.

…so here’s the deal, y’all – you can purchase any one of these predrawn sketch covers are $20 dollars apiece. That covers the actual cost of the comic (usually around $3-$5 dollars), my drawing fee (probably around $10 bucks, we’re not talking crazy rates here) and shipping to you.  I have a PayPal account and if you drop me a comment here with the book you’re interested in, we can work out the details.







Around Christmas, I acquired a sizable stack of blank sketch covers for IDW’s GI Joe #1.


Same deal as above, $20 dollars and I’ll draw you something on there are send it your way… only you get to choose what I draw for you. Please keep in mind, it’ll be in the style in which I draw the journal comic, so plan your choices accordingly. I’ll draw your favorite COBRA guy… or hell, I’ll draw whatever you like on there. Want a GI Joe comic with my version of Serpentor? Great! Want a cover where I draw something about Romeo & Juliet? I can do that!

11 Responses to “Sketch Cover Sale! Help my classroom out and get some artwork!”

  1. Anne C Forman Says:

    Chris, I’d like to buy Aquaman. Can I send a check out with your mom. I am seeing her on Sunday. I can use my card, but I don’t have a pay pal account.

  2. John Caplis Says:

    I’ll take the Sandman cover…

  3. John Caplis Says:

    I am still interested in the Sandman cover.

  4. I am interested in one of the GI Joe covers, if you are still doing those. I think you can email me back?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Absolutely! I’ll need your e-mail address… or you can wait a week or so for my online store to open and you can buy it through there:)

  5. OK, I can wait a week. I didn’t want to post my email here. Thanks.

  6. Hi
    Have you opened your online store yet?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Cissy, I swear it’s coming! I spent all day yesterday copying comics and taking pictures. I’m hopeful by next week. I will be sure to let everyone know – it’s been a longer process than I expected.

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