Teacher Comics: This is your brain on nostalgic headwear




This might be my favorite comic I’ve ever done.

6 Responses to “Teacher Comics: This is your brain on nostalgic headwear”

  1. lynneweinberger Says:

    It’s ‘counsel’ not ‘council.’

    As an educator, just say no to using the term ‘get laid’ – ever – to a student.

    Lynne Weinberger mobile – 972.741.8619 lynne@lynneweinberger.com

    Sent from my Smith-Corona, circa 1974.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Lynne, I truly thank you for the editorial help, for sure, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re deep in penciling/inking. If I ever do a print version, I’ll make the correction.

      As to your second point… it’s a joke. You know that, right? Like straight up, the comic establishes a tone where it’s clear that that last panel is something that I’m joking about, tongue placed firmly in cheek the entire time.

      I have four years and hundreds of comics posted on this blog where I not only talk about the professional atmosphere of my classroom… I demonstrate it with the comics I draw. Then I have this one comic where I allowed myself to be a bit more “adult” in humor. I’m going to trust my readers know I’d never talk to student that way… and that they should not to talk to students that way themselves.

  2. Trilby Mctip Says:

    Excellent artwork, m’sir! Allow me to show my appreciation:


  3. Just hope they outgrow it, unlike dear hubby, who thinks he’s every woman’s dream in his wardrobe of newsboy caps. Yikes!

  4. I found this comic awesome. I have been a dedicated reader for sometime and I enjoy everyone of them, but this one is great. Speaking as a fan of fedoras, I am reminded how sometimes people can take them too far haha.

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