Greetings from Spring Break!

Howdy folks, I just realized I should probably update you all as to why there hasn’t been much in the way of comics coming your way in the past week or so. Well, as the title of this post says, I’m on Spring Break right now. I actually began Spring Break last Friday and just figured I’d take the opportunity to recharge my creative juices a little early, such as they are.

Of course this vacation has coincided with my getting absolutely rip-roaring sick with a stomach virus off of my son… so there’s a fun little thing I’m dealing with here as well! Honestly, I was listening to Paul F. Tompkins’ newest podcast while flat on my back and the dude got it right – “If children don’t bring about the next Black Death, there’s a lot of great stuff to them.”

…so no new comics until next Monday, when I’ll start talking about a unit I just did with my juniors and seniors I’m really proud of creating. Stay tuned ’til then.

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