Teacher Comics: Pay frozen and “letting go”


It’s especially a shame that urban schools deal with this constant drain of good teachers because those are the schools that need dedicated, inventive educators the most. In the end, I’m lucky to have found a comparable district to work where I’m servicing a similar clientele… but I’ll always feel a pang of sadness for having to leave a district where I was, for the most part, happy and productive.

I don’t know that anyone from my current district is going to miss me all that much. I know some of the students will and that makes me happy. I have friends I will certainly be sad not to see regularly next year. At the same time, I’m excited about what the future holds… and I’m hopeful you’ll see comics about that transition.

This is the last regular comic I’ll be posting and as such, it’s the end of the 2014-15 school year’s run of Teachable Moments. It’s been a heck of a good year for me on this experiment – I’ve received media attention at the local and national level. I’ve been invited to speak at colleges and comic conventions. I’ve been lucky to be published in great print magazines like Ohio Schools and some other ones upcoming I can’t talk about just yet.

There will definitely be a couple of comics posted next week but as this is the unofficial end of the year, I wanted to take a moment to thank readers for coming along for the ride. Your attention, your likes and comments, the general reception I’ve received over the last few months has been overwhelming. I never expected Teachable Moments to have as broad an audience as it has developed recently and it’s rewarding to see people respond to my work as an educator so warmly.


One Response to “Teacher Comics: Pay frozen and “letting go””

  1. Good luck to you, Mr. Pearce! I will stay subscribed and I’m rooting for you. No doubt your talents will keep you moving onwards and upwards to something better.

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