Why I’m leaving my current teaching position





I was asked to put all four of these comic into one post to share ’em, so here they are.

3 Responses to “Why I’m leaving my current teaching position”

  1. Julie Ferguson Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I totally understand. I’m retiring after 33 years, even though I love my job and my students. We haven’t had a raise in 7 years and only have 15 steps on our scale. Since I have also taught at a college for years, I will actually make more on retirement. I’m sad to leave, but I’d be working for free, and I’m worth more than that.

  2. John Caplis Says:

    Our school district imposed a ten percent salary reduction. As a parent, I appreciate their effort to avoid cutting programs and services. As a teacher, I know that avoiding those cuts still has a cost. Lower morale, reluctance to volunteer, less effort from staff, recruitment issues, but most important… retention of quality staff.

    I often consider my options. Investment in education pays huge dividends. I wish more people understood this.

    Good luck in your new position!


  3. Totally understand.

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