How YOU can help my classroom in the new school year…

Hey gang!

As impossible as it seems, it’s nearly time to go back to the classroom for another school year! This new year will be an interesting one for me in that I’m starting a new job at a new school. I’m running the gamut of emotions about this change and hopeful my work in this new job will translate into some good comics over the next few months.

If you enjoy reading the comic on a daily basis or you’re just invested in helping students, here are some ways you can support my classroom:

1. I have an Amazon Wish List for my classroom. I try to curate a list of interesting, eye-catching books for my students as well as supplies I know they will need to succeed. I am in dire need of Post-It Notes for the upcoming semester.

2. I always try to have a DonorsChoose project or two going to freshen my classroom’s lending library. In particular, I have a project up that I would LOVE to have funded soon. Since I’m starting my new position, it’d be nice to have some brand new reading material for students… and I’m not going to lie, I’m sure my principal would notice if I had a project funded. I’ve already had four generous donors help out… I’m hoping this one goes the distance:)

3. You can buy stuff from my Etsy store! I have a variety of comic sketch covers available as well as a ‘zine bundle of the last year’s worth of teaching comics. I’m starting to hear from folks who very much enjoyed their bundles.

Finally, you can like, share, comment on and reblog my comics to heighten awareness of my work as a teacher.

As always, I thank readers out there for supporting me, the comic, and my classroom. New comics will (hopefully) begin in September but until then, please consider some of the links above. Thanks so much!

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