This is exciting news!

Hey everybody, like the title says I have some exciting news to share but I have to temper it with some slightly disappointing stuff. Let’s do the latter first.

Normally I start a new year of posting comics in the first week of September. Students in my neck of the woods here in Southwest Ohio begin the school year mid-August. I take those first few weeks of school to get a backlog of a few strips and then begin in earnest around the time when most of the country is heading back to the classroom. That’s been my routine for going on four years now.

So I need to say I won’t be posting many comics in September this year. I haven’t even started working on them. That’s the disappointing news.

The GOOD news is the reason why I’m progressing so slowly on my own work… and it’s something I’ve known for a few months but only recently sought permission to mention here. Workman Publishing hired me to illustrate a couple of books this past summer! The delay in my personal output can be chalked up to receiving some honest-to-goodness paying work drawing comics and the like. I had to sign a contract and everything!

I’m crazy excited to share more of what I’m up to with you all, but I think for the moment this will do. I’m hoping to start posting comics at a more conservative schedule than normal sometime at the end of the month but I’m definitely playing that by ear at this point. At any rate, I promise they’re coming… as soon as I finish up the illustrations on the second book.

3 Responses to “This is exciting news!”

  1. YAY! BTW, got your minicomics in the mail a while back! Thanks!

  2. Congrats on the paying drawing gig!

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