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Pearce Family Holiday Drawings: Christmas 2015

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If you’ve been following my comics here for long enough, you know the drill – every December, I draw my family’s Christmas card featuring all of us in some kind of seasonally appropriate homage. This year I decided to have a go at Rankin/Bass’ seemingly immortal Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. As a kid, this one was always my favorite.

Take a stroll back through Christmas and Halloweens past with some of the other Pearce Family Holiday drawings.

In the not too distant future… a Turkey Day surprise!

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My absolute favorite television show of all time is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I started watching it when I was in the 4th grade and it’s remained a pretty consistent part of my TV diet ever since. I continue watching MST3k despite the fact that no new episodes have been produced in over a decade – an old episode I’ve seen 30 times will often yield just as many laughs as anything made in the 201o’s.

That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to hear about the MST3k Kickstarter campaign. Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the original host, is bringing the show back with crowd funded support. The hope is to make a full season of 12 episodes of the new MST3k and I’ll be honest – I’ve already pledged my money to make that a reality. So far it seems the Kickstarter is a success, to the tune of over $3 million dollars. I’m hopeful the fundraising will get up to the required $5.5 million for that full season.

At any rate, MST3k and the Thanksgiving holiday have a long-running association thanks to Turkey Day, a somewhat annual marathon of episodes of the show. In my estimation, it’s the perfect show to leave on during your holiday festivities. You can watch whole episodes or you can drop in and out on them, picking up a spare joke here and there. In recent years, the Turkey Day marathon has moved online with a streaming component that has been curated by Joel himself. This year, with the big push for the Kickstarter campaign, Joel asked MSTies to send in fan art they could share.

I sent this drawing in I did a few years ago. I’ve been using it as my Facebook avatar for November:


Well, I woke up on Friday morning to find out Joel had posted my artwork up on Tumblr with some nice words about it!

You better believe that made my day… but I was also SUPER pleased to find that the folks in charge of the MST3k Kickstarter page used my artwork on the actual KS page!!!


It’s great. I feel like I’m, in a very small way, helping out a show that’s made me who I am today. Corny but true.

Hey! You should pledge some cash toward the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 too! It’s a great show! Click on over at the very least to see my fan art emblazoning the lower left corner of the “Fan Mail is Back” banner!

NCTE 2015: I got to meet Elizabeth Wein!

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One of the things I was most excited about for this year’s NCTE convention was to get the chance to meet Elizabeth Wein, author of one my favorite YA novels, Code Name Verity.

Longtime readers of the comic probably remember my doing a run of CNV related comics a few years ago. Elizabeth was nice enough to give those strips some notice when I published them… and I was able to give her a couple of copies of my mini-comics today.

Looking forward to reading her new book, Black Dove White Raven!


NCTE 2015: Super incredible!

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So yesterday was crazy and awesome.


I’m at the National Council of Teachers of English convention right now; yesterday I won one of three Penguin/Random House’s Teacher Awards for Literacy. Everyone here has been so great and the convention is amazing.

On the off chance any English teachers who follow my blog are at the NCTE convention today, above is a picture of me! Track me down and I have free copies of my mini-comics to hand out.

Teacher Comics: Comics, Classroom Reading, and Student Choice

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NCTE Comic

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the National Council of Teachers of English asked me to draw a comic for their September newsletter. I was beyond excited for the assignment and chose the topic of student choice in independent reading. Me being me, I of course skewed it toward comics and graphic novels. I was happy to namecheck great books like Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, Jeff Smith’s Bone, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga, and Raina Telgemeier’s Drama. All of those great comics have been banned in schools and libraries for what I view as laughable reasons. All of those comics should absolutely be available to young people to read and enjoy.

Tomorrow I’ll be making my way to the annual NCTE convention in Minneapolis where I’m receiving a Teacher Award for Literacy, so I thought on the eve of my trip, posing a nice version of this comic was worth doing.

Teacher Comics: 24 Hour Energy

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I’m sure someone somewhere is working on making these two horrible ideas a reality.

Teacher Comics: New lingo for teachers

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This was a new one on me, I hadn’t heard it until this summer.

Teacher Comics: The Goldilocks Principle

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Teacher Comics: Ray Bradbury might be spinning in his grave…

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Teacher Comics: The Hearth, the Salamander, and Lexile Levels

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The Hearth and the Salamander is the title of the first part of Fahrenheit 451, FYI.