Notes from a professional development…

I’m on summer vacation, officially! The very weird thing about this year is that there will probably be more comics being posted here over the next two months than normal… which is a good thing, but totally off my normal schedule.

I thought I’d share some of my notes from a recent professional development my school gave this week. In the past year, I’ve found I’m a kinesthetic learner, which is something I suppose I’ve always known but hadn’t really done any research on for myself.




2 Responses to “Notes from a professional development…”

  1. phschemguy Says:

    I’d been curious where you moved to since leaving Middletown. I’m at Princeton HS, myself, so the WW in today’s comic was a strong giveaway. If you want to keep you school under wraps, you may want to edit that.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      I appreciate you looking out man, but I don’t mind if people know where I work all too much. I try not to mention specifically in comics to keep them generalized but yeah… no big deal!

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