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Comics: I’m useful!

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…for the record, we’re pretty sure Elliot didn’t hear us, he was so absorbed in his Kindle. Plus he’s 9 years old so it’s going to happen eventually.

Christmas Comics Cavalcade Master Post

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Wow, I’ve written a lot about Christmas comics over the last few years. After taking an unintended break from the Christmas Comics Cavalcade last year, I’m glad to have had the time and the inclination to write a couple of more. I’ve linked ALL of the posts here for easy browsing. I’ve also starred some of my favorites. Happy holidays!

Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 (DC Comics) *

The 1994 Marvel Holiday Special (Marvel Comics)

Batman Family #4 (DC Comics)

Beetlejuice Horror-Day Special (Harvey Comics)

Harley Quinn #10 (DC Comics)

Doctor Who #12 (IDW)

Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995 (Marvel Comics)

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special (DC Comics) *

Comico Christmas Special (Comico)

Superman #165 (DC Comics)

X-O Manowar #26 (Valiant Comics) *

Force Works #8 (Marvel Comics)

DC Comics Presents #67 (DC Comics)

Walt Disney’s Holiday Parade (Disney Comics)

Super-Sized ALF Holiday Special #2 (Marvel Comics)

Extreme Super Christmas Special (Image Comics)

Terror Inc. #8 (Marvel Comics)

Ant Man’s Big Christmas (Marvel Comics) *

Gen 13: A Christmas Caper (Image Comics)

DCU Holiday Bash III (DC Comics)

Marvel Holiday Special 1993 (Marvel Comics)

Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 (DC Comics) *

Marvel Holiday Special 1992 (Marvel Comics) *

Bone Holiday Special (Cartoon Books)

Walt Kelly’s Santa Claus Adventures (Innovation Comics)


Christmas Comics Cavalcade: Harley Quinn #10 (DC Comics)

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I thought I’d do something a little different for this one. Usually, I dig into the back catalog of Christmas comic books for these posts… this time, I decided to go to the comic store and pick up whatever new holiday-themed comic book I could find for a review.

That goes to explain why today we’re looking at Harley Quinn #10, published in December of 2016 by DC Comics. Written by Jimmy Palmiotti (who inked some of the Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995, don’t you know!) and Amanda Conner, with a bevy of artists attending.


Cover price was $2.99 and I PAID $2.99 for the book. How do you like that?

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Sketchbook: My best Christmas present

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There have been many, many TMNT sleeping bags made over the years, but THIS ONE is the one I’m talking about.

Christmas Comics Cavalcade: Doctor Who #12, Volume 2

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Today we’ll be looking at a rather recent Yuletide comic book – Doctor Who #12, Volume 2 published by IDW. Written by Tony Lee with art chores by Paul Grist, colors by Phil Elliot.


This is one of the rare comics in the Christmas Comics Cavalcade that I paid full price for upon its release!

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Christmas Comics Cavalcade: Spider-Man Holiday Special 1994

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1994-1995 was a weird time to be a Spider-Man fan. Marvel Comics was in the midst of an almost three year long storyline wherein Peter Parker found out that he had been cloned. That clone, previously absent from Spider-Man stories for decades, returned under the name Ben Reilly and eventually took on the super-hero identity of The Scarlet Spider. The Clone Saga (as it became known) was by most accounts a colossal misstep for the Spider-Man franchise of books. Fans were disengaged from the shenanigans and became apoplectic when, in a shocking twist, it was revealed that the Spider-Man/Peter Parker character they had been following for years was in fact, the clone… and Ben Reilly was the TRUE, original Spider-Man. Ben then took over the prime Spidey gig, allowing Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane a quiet retirement… for about 6 or 8 months before readers practically demanded that the ship be righted with the Peter character who had been front and center for most of the comic’s run returning to his role as Spider-Man.

Sound stupid and confusing? Welcome to superhero comics in the 1990’s!


I tell you all that to explain that today we’ll be looking at the Spider-Man Holiday Special, published in 1995 by Marvel Comics. Cover price was $2.99… I got this for a quarter at a comic book convention.

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Sketchbook: Where he lives and what he brings

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My 2 year old daughter is convinced Santa lives in our chimney… so suck it everyone else, I guess. WE GOT SANTA IN OUR CHIMNEY AND HE’S BRINGING ME BEER.

Teacher Comics: I speak student.

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Pearce Family Holiday Drawing 2016!

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By now you probably know the drill – every Christmas, I draw our family into a holiday themed picture which then gets used as the X-Mas card we send out to our friends and neighbors. Truth be told, I already had a go at The Grinch six years ago but I was never happy with how that one turned out (too much yellow!) and the previous grinchy doodle was done BEFORE we started sending these out as holiday greetings so… yeah, natural do-over.

Feel free to click here and peruse that last 7 years of holiday drawings.