Christmas Comics Cavalcade Master Post


Wow, I’ve written a lot about Christmas comics over the last few years. After taking an unintended break from the Christmas Comics Cavalcade last year, I’m glad to have had the time and the inclination to write a couple of more. I’ve linked ALL of the posts here for easy browsing. I’ve also starred some of my favorites. Happy holidays!

Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 (DC Comics) *

The 1994 Marvel Holiday Special (Marvel Comics)

Batman Family #4 (DC Comics)

Beetlejuice Horror-Day Special (Harvey Comics)

Harley Quinn #10 (DC Comics)

Doctor Who #12 (IDW)

Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995 (Marvel Comics)

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special (DC Comics) *

Comico Christmas Special (Comico)

Superman #165 (DC Comics)

X-O Manowar #26 (Valiant Comics) *

Force Works #8 (Marvel Comics)

DC Comics Presents #67 (DC Comics)

Walt Disney’s Holiday Parade (Disney Comics)

Super-Sized ALF Holiday Special #2 (Marvel Comics)

Extreme Super Christmas Special (Image Comics)

Terror Inc. #8 (Marvel Comics)

Ant Man’s Big Christmas (Marvel Comics) *

Gen 13: A Christmas Caper (Image Comics)

DCU Holiday Bash III (DC Comics)

Marvel Holiday Special 1993 (Marvel Comics)

Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 (DC Comics) *

Marvel Holiday Special 1992 (Marvel Comics) *

Bone Holiday Special (Cartoon Books)

Walt Kelly’s Santa Claus Adventures (Innovation Comics)


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