News news news. News?

Hiya everybody. On this federal holiday, I wanted to take a second and talk about a few running changes I’m making for the comic. I’m hopeful that this will mean more frequency with putting stuff up here.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m returning to a daily schedule. I’m excited about that!

The comics will be in a slightly different format (3 panels a day) because I’m starting to think about collecting them regularly and I feel like that will make eventually printing them out an easier job. The limit on panels is something I came up with to make doing the comics a little more feasible for me and so far it seems to be working rather well. I’m planning on working in more creative layouts for “big idea” comics but I think this format will work well for a daily journal type strip.

There will be a 2 to 3 week lag between when I draw the comics and when I post them. For example, next week’s strips will deal with the first week of January when we returned from holiday break. Tying the comics to actual dates is something I wanted to do at the beginning of the strip but ended up being too formidable a task considering the almost-daily schedule I had imposed on myself.

I’ve created a new Twitter feed for the comic. If you’re interested in following the comic on that platform, please add @teachablecomics to your daily Twitter reading. I struggled with the Twitter thing for awhile because I genuinely like using the platform to put the comic out into the world… but I also like to Tweet about TV shows and non-education related nonsense. From here on out, @teachablecomics will be all about education, and @capearce81 will be for my personal use. Feel free to drop that one from your daily reading if you’re uninterested.

…and I think that’s it. I’m appreciative to all of you who have been reading the comics for so long and I’m hopeful that my dry spell is over. Thanks so much!

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