Notebook Comics: Why Rambo?



I’m trying something new this year, drawing comics in a Moleskin notebook instead of in a sketchbook. I’m hoping this will lead to more productivity and less preciousness with what I’m trying to get across.

This comic is based on something one of my professors at Boston University once said to me.

2 Responses to “Notebook Comics: Why Rambo?”

  1. I have to agree with your assessment about teacher types. I suspect my high school experience was similar to yours. I liked the social aspect but often felt like I was absent on “secret code day” where all the tips to getting good marks were revealed. As a result I now strive to make the classes I teach engaging and dramatic, fun and interesting, to capture the kids like me who did not get “good” marks because the teaching styles were not engaging. I find that teachers who found school easy lack the empathy needed by the students who struggle. Those teachers simply do not have the shared adverse experience that would allow them to reach those students. Hence the need to constantly try new approaches.

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