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Hourly Comics Day 2018

Posted in hourly comic day, Uncategorized on February 2, 2018 by Christopher Pearce


Hourly Comic Day is upon us! Here’s 9 AM to 4 PM with a bonus 3 AM comic because I… have the FLU.

I will try to ink 5 PM to bedtime tomorrow.

Hourly Comic Day, 2013

Posted in comics, hourly comic day with tags , on February 4, 2013 by Christopher Pearce

Last Friday was Hourly Comic Day, a exercise where more talented cartoonists than I draw a comic a day for every hour they are awake. I cheated a bit and drew one panel a day for every hour I was awake… but I still think it was a lot of fun. I tried to keep the teacher stuff to a minimum, but since teaching is kinda my life, it’s in there a bit.

Anyway, check ’em out.


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