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2010-2011 school year: day seventy one

Posted in of mice and men with tags , on February 23, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

I apologize about the first panel. One of my many (many) deficits as a “cartoonist” is my inability to shade/crosshatch. In my defense, I believe I am coming down with the flu… but I will be honest and say even if I was in perfect help, that first panel would still suck.

…but at least I’m diligent! Here’s a sketchbook page where I was planning/designing new students, most of whom appear in this very comic:

2010-2011 school year: day sixty two

Posted in comics, of mice and men with tags , on February 1, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

2010-2011 school year: day fifty

Posted in business letter, comics, of mice and men on January 10, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

What? Oh? Right. Comics. Remember comics? I used to draw them? Well, here we are, 2011… and this is the 50th teaching journal comic of this school year. What a milestone. What an amazing… hell, this is probably THE most amazing milestone that you will be witness to today. Just take a moment. Soak it in. Fifty. Wow. Heavy.

I thought a recap would be in order as I haven’t posted a new comic in a few weeks. If you should happen to be interested in seeing some comics about teaching the business letter to 14 year olds, I’ve gone back and tagged the ones I did last year. One of my New Year’s resolutions with the comic is to start tagging comics a little more effectively.