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thrift store finds: bringing up your parents by will eisner

Posted in thrift store finds with tags , , , , , , on June 26, 2010 by Christopher Pearce

Most times, these Thrift Store Finds entries write themselves. Part of the reason for that is the disclaimer I attach to the beginning of each entry which reads, as follows:

(Thrift Store Finds is a mostly-weekly “column” of sorts where I discuss some of the cool books I’ve happened upon in my neighborhood St. Vincent DePaul store. Please don’t mistake me for an expert on any of the books I am writing about… I’m just a fan of a bargain.)


Saying that essentially frees me from anything resembling authority on the topics I’m writing about… and therein, any responsibility to be knowledgeable about the latest comic strip collection I’ve happened across. It’s a cop out, yes. I will own up to that completely. It’s also the thing that allows me to even begin to think I have anything to say about these books, most of whom (even if I make with the fun) are created by incredibly talented artists and writers.

Well OK, 101 Shark Jokes excluded.

Even with the above proviso, I now find myself somewhat stumped in writing about today’s Thrift Store Find, as it was written and drawn by someone who is inarguably one of the finest and most groundbreaking artists comics have ever seen. This guy literally wrote the book on how to make comics. He’s revered in a way that is entirely befitting his tremendous talent… and now I find myself sitting here and trying to think of something to say about Bringing Up Your Parents by Will Eisner.

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