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Romeo & Juliet Projects, Part 3

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Here’s the third go-around where I’ll be bragging on my students’ work on their Romeo & Juliet movie pitches. Students were asked to come up with a modern spin on the classic tale.



So here’s a cool one… this group imagined a Pixar-quality animated film where the contents of a fridge come to life and play out the story of Romeo & Juliet. They played careful attention to the feud aspect of the Montagues and Capulets by casting Pepsi products as one family… and Coca-Cola products as the other.



Here’s another reworking of an already-exisiting property: Romance Time, an Adventure Time take on Romeo & Juliet featuring many of the characters from the popular animated series. Seeing as I’m a pretty big fan of AT myself, I heartily approved.




Here, in close up, are some examples of casting for one of the projects. You can see the though process of some of my students and their conclusions.

Chalkboard Drawings: The “Mathematical!” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.adventure1

I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.

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sketchbook: adventure time

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For some reason, the Internet was down at our house all last night. I have the next two comics in this week’s series scanned but I can’t upload them until the WiFi problem gets fixed! As such, here’s a sketchbook page I happened to have saved on my school laptop.


A couple of drawings of characters from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I mentioned awhile back I had become a fan of the show but after some Thanksgiving break viewing, I’m now upgrading myself to “big fan” status. There are tons of blogs better than this one to give you a rundown about why the show works so wonderfully well… but my own higher appreciation for the show came from the recent episode titled I Remember You which was one of the best takes on losing someone to Alzheimer’s disease I’ve ever seen.

One of the great things about that episode was that it wasn’t even ABOUT Alzheimer’s disease. The main story was just powerful enough to put you in mind of it. I Remember You wasn’t evocative of the show as a whole, but I’m always impressed when a TV program is good enough to deviate from its’ format and say something new about the characters and situations. Adventure Time is that kind of show.

I also love the designs on all the characters and how easy they are to replicate. Pendleton Ward’s style is deceptively simple… but it’s the kind of thing a kid can sit down and do themselves. That’s one of the great hallmarks of cartoon design, so much so that my son Elliot’s a fan of the characters even though he hasn’t seen one episode of the show! He’s just seen drawings. Look at this, we were out to dinner a few days ago and he drew his own Lumpy Space Princess!


(The one on the right is mine… the two on the left are his!)

chalkboard photo post: new year, new drawings

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I debated long and hard as to whether I wanted to continue posting my chalkboard doodles for the upcoming school year. After three years solid of Sunday postings, I’ve done just about every character or situation I can think of. Further, I often draw the EXACT same drawings, year in and year out. It’s the nature of the job. Just as I teach Romeo & Juliet to every new group of Freshman, I’ll continue drawing myself as various superhero characters on the blackboard.

I’ve decided to keep posting these however, because… quite simply, they’re popular. I understand very little about “site views” and all that jazz, but when I do look at that widget, these are always amongst the most viewed of my posts… and that includes the comic. Over the past six months, a number of these have become popular on the website Pinterest. I know less about Pinterest than I do about site views, but if people are liking something I do well enough to share it somewhere, I should probably keep doing it.

Anyway, here’s the first drawing of the year. I decided I wanted to go big for the first week so I designed an elaborate Welcome piece for the Class of 2016 which took up the entire space of the classroom’s chalkboard.

I have to be honest- this was a larger undertaking than I anticipated! I thought I’d only need a half an hour to draw this beast, but it took double that when you figure in the sketch planning I needed to do to fit in as many characters as possible. I tried to run the gamut of cartoon characters that I found interesting and were relevant to someone who’d be in 9th grade this year. The only one I might have missed the mark on is Yakko Warner, but as established this summer, the characters are making a huge comeback, if only with my sons in our house.

chalkboard photos: there’s two of ’em

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I’m a huge fan of Adventure Time and by happenstance, Elliot happened to see five minutes of one episode over break. In the episode, Finn (the human) thinks back to when he was a baby and he does this adorable/hilarious “Tough Tootin’ Baby” song and dance. Elliot laughed like I’ve never seen him laugh before at that! I wouldn’t want him watching the show regularly, but man… he thought it was funny.

I think I’m going to start running these at a smaller size. They’re not exactly great works of art or anything… and the bigger size always seemed a bit much.