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chalkboard photo post: jerry nelson and nintendo

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The rest of the chalkboard drawings are behind the cut, but this one is different from the rest and got a pretty great reaction from the kids. Jerry Nelson’s work with the Muppets was a HUGE part of my childhood. I didn’t realize how big a part of my students’ childhood he was as well. I’m glad I could share the guy’s life with everyone.

The rest of these are Nintendo themed.

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chalkboard photo posts : week one

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Here’s the first week’s worth of chalkboard drawings. Later in the year, I’ll try and do theme weeks where all the drawings have something in common… but for the first week, I try to keep it fairly straightforward.

For this last one, I did something I NEVER do. A kid asked me to include him in a birthday drawing. My rules for drawing caricatures of students are fairly ironclad, but I thought I could violate it just this once for reasons I don’t even really understand.


chalkboard photo post: new year, new drawings

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I debated long and hard as to whether I wanted to continue posting my chalkboard doodles for the upcoming school year. After three years solid of Sunday postings, I’ve done just about every character or situation I can think of. Further, I often draw the EXACT same drawings, year in and year out. It’s the nature of the job. Just as I teach Romeo & Juliet to every new group of Freshman, I’ll continue drawing myself as various superhero characters on the blackboard.

I’ve decided to keep posting these however, because… quite simply, they’re popular. I understand very little about “site views” and all that jazz, but when I do look at that widget, these are always amongst the most viewed of my posts… and that includes the comic. Over the past six months, a number of these have become popular on the website Pinterest. I know less about Pinterest than I do about site views, but if people are liking something I do well enough to share it somewhere, I should probably keep doing it.

Anyway, here’s the first drawing of the year. I decided I wanted to go big for the first week so I designed an elaborate Welcome piece for the Class of 2016 which took up the entire space of the classroom’s chalkboard.

I have to be honest- this was a larger undertaking than I anticipated! I thought I’d only need a half an hour to draw this beast, but it took double that when you figure in the sketch planning I needed to do to fit in as many characters as possible. I tried to run the gamut of cartoon characters that I found interesting and were relevant to someone who’d be in 9th grade this year. The only one I might have missed the mark on is Yakko Warner, but as established this summer, the characters are making a huge comeback, if only with my sons in our house.

chalkboard photo post #30

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A brief word before the chalkboard drawings this week: If the incredibly angry person from Columbus, Ohio would e-mail me, I would be happy to address your admittedly quite valid point. It’s a shame, because I’d love to think we could talk. I’m fairly certain you missed my intent, but that in no way excuses my unclearness in that Tweet last night.

Despite that, I will not publish your comments as they stand now. There was too much cussing and they were left anonymously. E-mail me though.

Now, on with the chalk scratching, featuring a guest artist this week!

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chalkboard photo post #29

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Hope everyone out there’s having a nice weekend and a good Easter… if that’s your thing. My mother’s visiting us from New York for the long weekend!

Here are this past week’s chalkboard drawings… keeping in mind, that we had a short week due to the holiday.

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chalkboard post 2010 – #14

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I was going to do an all X-Men themed week until I realized that I didn’t know how any of the other X-Men look! I know how they looked back in the 1990’s when the cartoon was on TV… but I don’t have a clue now! I think I’m going to do a Fantastic Four themed week, starting tomorrow… they’re a bit more consistent in their fashion choices.

November 3oth is Mark Twain’s birthday.

I was falsely under the impression that CBS was airing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer this past Thursday. I was wrong.

I was kind of impressed that most of my students knew who this was. Of course, I suppose we’re not too far removed from a time when Cartoon Network showed old cartoons like Space Ghost… and true, most kids recognized him from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast… but still, with how quickly  pop culture moves these days, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had been forgotten.

FREE IDEA: Hanna Barbera should do a new version of Space Ghost a la Batman: The Animated Series, where they treat the character seriously. I know Space Ghost was never all that serious, even in the ’60’s and ’70’s, but it’s SUCH a great Alex Toth designed costume. I’d love to see the character lavishly animated someday.

chalkboard post 2010 – #10

Posted in chalkboard drawings with tags , , , on November 14, 2010 by Christopher Pearce

A bit of a slipshod week for chalkboard drawings- a friend of our family died during this week and I ended up missing a few days of school. I haven’t decided if I’m going to include that in the comic, but there it is.

I probably should have waited for this upcoming week to do Harry Potter, seeing as Deathly Hallows hits theaters this coming Friday. Ah well.

chalkboard post 2010 – #8

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I had to take this picture with my Mac’s Photobooth, as I left my cellphone at home this day… hence the backwards lettering.

…and Friday’s drawing was this picture of Kang and Kodos I posted a few days ago.

chalkboard post 2010 – #7

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October is an all-monster themed chalkboard drawing week. Last week I did the classic movie monsters… this week, I did modern monsters.

Two notes about this one: Firstly, the “Friday the 13th sound effect” should probably be written as “ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah”. Secondly, right after I took this picture, I realized that having Jason brandishing a machete on my classroom’s chalkboard was probably too intense for anyone so I erased it.

…see, you can kind of tell with my drawing of Ghostface here that I avoided that “waving a deadly weapon around” quagmire. It looks a little strange though.

This one is “by student request” since I’ve only seen the first Saw movie and found it pretty repugnant.

…this one came out pretty good. I like that it’s a joke on how ugly I find myself to be, as well as a general dig at the Child’s Play movies.

chalkboard post 2010 – #6

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I do Halloween-themed drawings all October.




The mummy one is really creepy. I think it’s my gigantic stomach in that one that’s unsettling.


…and with this one, you can really tell I was rushed for time and gave up somewhere in the mid-torso. Still, it’s a passable Creature from the Black Lagoon/Chris Pearce-esque face, I think.