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chalkboard photo post #6

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on October 25, 2009 by Christopher Pearce

Monster Chalkboard Month continues.





The mummy was my favorite from the week, considering I really didn’t feel like including him.

chalkboard photo post #5

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Only two this week on account of my classes spending the majority of the last five days in the computer lab. In lieu of a chalkboard drawing, I drew this sign/reminder for any students that we would NOT be meeting in our usual place:


…we were in the classroom on Friday however, so it was back to my “monster a day until Halloween” challenge.


I may have done vampire a little too early, but I couldn’t think of any more “modern” monsters that were visually interesting.

chalkboard photo post #4.

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For the rest of October, I’ve challenged myself to draw some kind of movie monster into my morning chalkboard drawings. I tried to stay within the last twenty or so years for the first week.



I used the same Benchmark for three days because honestly, that’s what we were doing for three days, in three different ways.


This will probably be the Benchmark I use every Friday, as that’s when I give my students time in class for independent reading.
Incidentally, I also tried my hand at the Jigsaw puppet from those Saw movies but it was so bad I decided not to inflict that one on you.

chalkboard photo post #3

Posted in chalkboard drawings with tags , , on October 5, 2009 by Christopher Pearce

Here’s another couple of these.


I resized this badly, but it’s from the short story that we were finishing up last week. It’s a panel from a comic this week.

0929090807I was going to draw a lot of brains in and around this, but I got lazy.


I was thinking that I should have done a whole week of “Batmen” in all the different styles he’s been drawn over the years… but I never got around to it.

chalkboard photo post #2.

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Normally I try to figure out some kind of “theme” to go along with my chalkboard drawings… something that reflects back into whatever we’re learning or, at the very least, is sustainable over the course of five days.

This week I did “guy holding a sword of some kind.” It makes no sense, didn’t reflect back on my teaching, and was just kind of stupid.0921090743

There’ll be a comic about this somewhere (far) down the pike, but I have a bunch of action figures decorating my room and one of them is a crappy old Link from “The Legend of Zelda.” I’ve had like fifteen kids come up to me and BEG me to give or sell it to them. It’s one of the worst toys ever though.


…and this is where the whole thing petered out.


For two days, we played a grammar relay race game in my classroom (again, something that’ll later be seen in the comic strip) so I didn’t do any drawings on those days beside myself as a referee.

I forgot to take a picture of Friday’s.

chalkboard photo post #1

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…so I’m still committed to posting four comics a week, keeping in mind that I’m actually doing FIVE comics a week and saving a bunch for the print collection I’m planning. That being said, I wanted to start fitting in some more stuff from my classroom.

I draw a picture on my classroom’s chalkboard every day. I usually use the drawings as a way to direct the lesson for the day; kids always know when they walk in the room that they can look to the back of the room and see what the lesson for the day is. I usually couch that in a sentence like “By the time you walk out of this classroom today, you should know…” and then whatever the lesson for the day is.

Here are three random ones for the week. I wasn’t Johnny-on-the-Spot with remembering to take pictures of them all in the past few weeks, but I’ll endeavor to do a better job in upcoming months.