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odds and ends: goodbye borders

Posted in odds and ends, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on April 15, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

Our local Borders closes its’ doors for the last time today. I wanted to note the store’s passing for a couple of reasons.

I don’t think I can stress how much Borders helped my classroom in the past year. During their recent promotion/partnership with DonorsChoose, I was able to get over $3,000 dollars worth of funding out of the store thanks to their “make a purchase, get a $15 dollar DonorsChoose gift certificate” promotion. I expanded my classroom’s lending library to an insane degree and was able to purchase an iPad for classroom use. This promotion was HUGE for my students and although I’ve said it here in the past, I suppose it bears repeating. Thanks for that, Borders.

Secondly… and this is a purely selfish concern: of all the big box chain bookstores that are out there, our local Borders has always been the store where I did my book shopping. I’ve had my issues with the place, I won’t lie. It always seem absolutely insane to me that Borders expanded itself so crazily into CDs and DVDs. The company didn’t even have a website for books until around two years ago. Those are strange business practices. I’ve also had run-ins with surly employees. Our local store had one clerk in particular who never failed in making me want to leap over the counter and throttle him.

By and large however, our local Borders was the most comfortable bookstore with the best selection. I will miss being able to rummage through their wares.┬áMost of my book shopping, both for my personal collection and my classroom lending library, comes from secondhand stores and Half Price Books… but Borders, I’ll miss you.


…and yes, before you ask, despite my sadness, I did make a couple of purchases at Borders before it closed. I sort of hate myself for it.

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