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Chalkboard Drawings: The “beginning to look a lot like X-mas” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard every day. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.

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Chalkboard drawings: The “comic strip character” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.


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pearce family holiday drawings: christmas 2012

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Last year, we had a lot of fun making up our own Christmas cards for the family based on the movie A Christmas Story. We decided to do the same thing this year, but with different yuletide inspiration. I had “After Schulz” written at the bottom of the drawing but it was scissored off during the edit process. I hope the inspiration is plain to see.

odds and ends: my christmas decorations

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Seeing as it’s the last Friday before Christmas, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you some of my holiday decorations.

Please note the possessive pronoun “my” in the last sentence. While the family has many nutcrackers and ornaments that are shared throughout the house, the decorations I’m going to show you are emphatically mine. Indeed, I am sure Ellen is more than happy to let me take full responsibility for the following. Most of them are Christmas themed action figures I’ve collected over the years. There seemed to be a moment in time in the early ’00’s when EVERY Christmas special ever created received a high-quality line of toys. This was probably not a great idea, as evidenced by my admission that almost all of these were picked up at some kind of After-Christmas closeout sale for 75% off.

At any rate, you’ll find my collection behind the cut. If you’re a fan of 30 year old men blathering on about action figures, you’re in for a treat. Please enjoy and have a happy holiday!

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thrift store finds: what was bugging ol’ pharaoh?

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(Thrift Store Finds is a mostly-weekly “column” of sorts where I discuss some of the cool books I’ve happened upon in my neighborhood St. Vincent DePaul store. Please don’t mistake me for an expert on any of the books I am writing about… I’m just a fan of a bargain.)

Charles Schultz is the most famous American cartoonist outside of Walt Disney. His commitment to his craft is legendary. His creations are internationally known and celebrated. There is hardly a man, woman, or child alive who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, experienced Charlie Brown and Snoopy in some way or another.

This is why I was so happy to discover today’s Thrift Store Find:

What’s Was Bugging Ol’ Pharaoh? by Charles M. Schutz, published by Pyramid Publications for Successful Living in January of 1972. I love the tagline at the time of of the book, awkwardly reminding everyone they should “feel good again with that Peanuts man!”

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chalkboard photo posts: the all comic strip edition

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Only three drawings from this week: on Monday, we had off for Labor Day, and we were out of the classroom on Friday.

Today’s drawing goes in tandem with this lesson. I drew a comic about it a few years ago. It’s one of those lessons I always come back to. It’s quick, easy, and the results can hang on the walls of my classroom.

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