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Is it OK to stay home?

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A few months ago, we had a mass shooting “scare” at my middle school. I drew this series of comics and sat on them because… well, I was wishing the topic was less relevant to all our lives. Sadly, it is not.


New Big Fat Notebook in 2018

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Hey Tumblr people! I’m excited to let y’all know that I’ll be contributing comics and illustrations to a NEW addition to the Big Fat Notebook series for Workman Publishing this year! Previous to this, I drew the Math and Science BFNs… and I’m currently hard at work on another great addition to the line.


For folks who’ve never seen the books, they’re wonderfully appealing explanations of middle school curriculum with lots of jokes and clever bits that make understanding Common Core Standards a whole lot less daunting.

I’ll talk about the work more in the weeks ahead, but for now, just an excited heads up. I’m super pumped to doodle in another awesome BFN!

Christmas Break

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XmasBreakHi. Hello. Gonna try to start posting more comics in 2018. Not a ton more… but more than none, which is some. Hello!

Bad Kids…

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This was frustrating! I had to explain to this former student that my reasons for accepting a new job had nothing to do with the behavior of the students at her school and instead stemmed from a variety of other concerns.

I’ve rarely encountered “bad kids”. Bad situations, yes… but almost never bad kids.

Here’s Why, Part 5

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Here’s Why, Part 4

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Here’s Why, Part 3

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