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Chalkboard Drawings: The “solo Marvel Comics character” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.



Last week we did The Avengers… this week, I decided to his some of those solo Marvel Comics’ characters. I know I’ve done Spider-Man and Daredevil on the chalkboard in years’ past, but I’ve never had a go at Doctor Strange. He’s surprisingly fun to draw!




HPB Black Friday finds

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I hit up the Half-Price Books Black Friday sale every year. My main goal is to pick up stocking stuffers for Ellen and the boys but I have to admit, I indulge pretty heavily in some buying for myself. This year, although they stuck with the standard $5 gift certificate for early bird shoppers, HPB switched things up a bit. Whereas the store normally offers a blanked percentage off your entire purchase, this year you could either get 40% off one thing… or $15 bucks off of a purchase of $50 dollars. I went with the latter sale and above are a few of my purchases.

Elektra Lives Again is an out of print hardcover; although the material has been reprinted in some Daredevil collections, it hasn’t been presented in this original, oversized edition since 1990. That was good enough for me. Although Miller’s Batman work remains some of my favorite superhero comics, I have to admit, I haven’t read much of his Daredevil run – an isolated issue here or there is about as far as I’ve gotten. I will say this: the book is absolutely GORGEOUS. This was right before Miller started working primarily in black and white over at Dark Horse and as such, the last time Lynn Varley’s coloring really did anything for me. Super glad to have this big book in my collection.

I was excited to locate a copy of Spaceballs: The Book published by Scholastic Press under their Point imprint in 1987. The book was written by “Jovial Bob Stine” who we all know from my previous Thrift Store Find post on movie storybooks, is in fact Goosebumps writer R.L. Stine. I especially wanted a copy of Spaceballs: The Book because it’s clear the people behind this effort were completely in on one of the biggest jokes of Mel Brooks’ send-up… the omnipresent marketing machine behind Star Wars. This paperback looks like it came straight from the scene on Yogurt’s planet (“Spaceballs-the T-shirt, Spaceballs-the Coloring Book, Spaceballs-the Lunch box, Spaceballs-the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs-the Flame Thrower”) and that’s kinda cool.

Finally, I picked up Batman: Chaos in Gotham for the GameBoy Color… although I’ll be playing it on my GBA:SP. Batman’s weathered some fairly awful games over the years but most of his carts for the GameBoy system are surprisingly solid… and Chaos in Gotham is no exception. It’s a side-scroller with puzzle elements and it’s clear the design team went the extra mile on this one. The animation of the Batman sprite is fluid and appealing. He has a variety of moves and weapons and although I haven’t played very far into the game, there’s apparently a great level variety, with driving stages added into the mix later on.

odds and ends: dinosaur dracula, comic pull list

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One of my all-time favorite websites is X-Entertainment, a free-for-all tribute site to all the things that made my childhood rad. Updates to X-E have been sporadic in the past few years… but that promises to change with the advent of Dinosaur Dracula, X-E’s newly branded web address!

So far, Matt Caracappa has looked at Garfield and Friends fruit snacks, Fright Flicks trading cards, and my personal favorite, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cracker topper. X-Entertainment was surely an influence on my Thrift Store Finds posts, so I think anyone who likes those would truly love Matt’s writing. Check it out.


We all know that I am something of a fan of the movies Alien and Aliens. I suppose you could say I had the misfortune of being born too late to see any of those movies in theaters- the only Aliens movies I’ve ever seen on the big screen have been muddled (Alien 3) botched (Alien: Resurrection) or just god awful (any of the Alien v. Predator movies, but I haven’t actually seen any of those).

Well, I’ve finally had the chance I’ve been waiting for last night; my most anticipated movie of the summer has to be Prometheus.

The “not a prequel” prequel to Alien, I was excited enough to see this flick that I broke free of my normal old man routines and went to a midnight showing. Even though director Ridley Scott and screenwriter Daniel Lindelof have been pretty straightforward, saying Prometheus is something new… I mean, c’mon. It’s an Alien movie.

…and I loved it. I loved it despite the cardboard cut-out characters. I loved it despite the gigantic plot holes. I loved Prometheus despite its’ structure, seemingly designed to infuriate the most nit-picky fans of this franchise. It’s a gorgeous movie worth seeing on the big screen.


My current comic pull list is woefully small, and getting smaller by the month. Right now, these are the books I’m asking my fine comic retailer to put aside for me.

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odds & ends

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Just finished reading Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock and I can heartily recommend the book.

It’s a collection of interconnected short story of the desperate and often violent lives of people living in a small Ohio town. Pollock has a gift for creating compelling characters in the space of ten pages; some of these stories will stick with me far longer than any novel I’ve had the chance to read in 2011.


I don’t buy many comic books published by Marvel these days; I’ve always been more of a DC Comics guy. That being said, Marvel’s publishing one of the best superhero comic books I’ve read in ages right now in Daredevil.

Longtime comics scribe Mark Waid eschews the angsty, world-weary characterization that has pervaded the book for the last few years and instead favors light-hearted swashbuckling. At the same time, Waid is canny enough a writer to use the last few years of Daredevil’s history as a jumping-off point, structuring this more happy-go-lucky Daredevil personality as a reaction to the darkness. In other words, Waid does a remarkable job completely changing direction for the book without throwing out 5 to 7 years of work. It’s a masterclass in showing just how malleable superhero characters can be under the write creative team.

…and oh God, the art. Pablo Rivera and Marcos Martin will be sharing art duties on this title and if there’s a more inventive and wonderful superhero comic to behold on the racks right now, I haven’t seen it. Rivera and Martin have a loose, minimalist style that puts one in mind of David Mazzuchelli or Bruce Timm. Theres an inventiveness in layout which is bold and exciting; Rivera and Martin present Daredevil’s blindness visually like no other artist I’ve seen work on the character.

Anyhow, it’s a favorite. Pablo Rivera has an art blog which I suggest you check out if you’re at all intrigued.


Not too much TV or movie watchin’ going on right now- we’re in the doldrums of glass teetery, at least until new shows and new episodes pop back up at the end of September. I wish there were more shows I was excited about watching in the ’11-’12 TV season, but sadly I can’t think of one. I’m reasonably excited for the return of a couple of sit-coms (Parks & Recreation, Community) and curious to see how several “long in the tooth” series will fare (The Office, How I Met Your Mother). I’m glad ABC decided to move The Good Wife from Tuesdays to Sunday; I’m always too sleepy on Tuesday to make it all the way through the show, which I quite like.

…yeah, but other than that? I guess I’m excited for new episodes of Beavis and Butthead but that to air until October.

christmas comics cavalcade: the 1992 marvel holiday special

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Today we’re looking at The Marvel Holiday Special from 1992.

1992 was one of the first Christmases where I had saved my own money to buy people presents. I bought my father a sci-fi paperback titled The Price of the Stars from the Waldenbooks in the Newburgh Mall. I chose that book as a present for Dad based entirely on the cover of the book, which had a lady in some kind of space-pirate outfit, replete with eye patch. I guarantee Dad never read that book, but I can at least say that my other purchase went to good use, as I picked up this comic for myself.

Adorned in a truly excellent Art Adams cover, the Marvel Holiday Special contains eighty pages of original holiday themed stories featuring Marvel’s best and brightest superheroes. As I grew older and into a more jaded comics reader, I gradually came to the realization that most of the annuals that Marvel put out in the 1990’s seemed to consist of stories they’d had sitting in a dusty drawer somewhere for ten years. Annuals were where younger new artists and writers were given a chance to prove themselves… which as a practice is great for the novice, but not always fun for the reader.

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chalkboard post 2010 – #2

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An all Marvel Comics theme week for this week’s chalkboard drawings. No drawing for September 6th as it was Labor Day.