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Teaching Comics: A Relaxing Day Off

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Pearce Family Holiday Drawings: Christmas 2013

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For the past few years, I’ve been drawing our family’s Christmas cards. It’s been a fun way to contribute to the holiday. Last year’s card was a riff on A Charlie Brown Christmas and we did A Christmas Story in 2011. This year, we went for a somewhat more traditional approach.

I hired Madeleine Witt to color this year’s comic and man, she outdid herself. You should all definitely go over and check out her blog; it’s as awesome as this GIF she made of the drawing!

Pearce Family Holiday Drawings: Halloween 2013

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Every year, as is my tradition, I draw a Halloween themed picture of my family to use as my catch-all picture on social networking sites. This year, I had a go at The Addams Family. I’ve become quite a fan of Charles Addams’ macabre one-panel contributions to The New Yorker but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my first exposure to the Addams’ clan was the big-budget early 1990’s film staring Raul Julia and Angelica Huston.

I have a second version of this drawing I colored based on the Hanna Barbara cartoon which had a more vibrant palate than the black and white strips. I’ve got that one behind the cut but I much prefer my black and white pass at this sketch.

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Teaching Comics: Elliot embarks

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Summer Journal Comics: Walking to the library

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Summer Journal Comics: Two Rooms

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We acquired a bunk bed for both Elliot and Henry to share a room and attempted to turn the third room into something of a guest space. Of course, within a few weeks, Elliot had claimed the futon in the guest room as his own.

A lot of these comics are more for our family’s collective memories than for public consumption. I tried to include some little snippets of their personalities in each panel but maybe this strip is a little too “inside baseball” for public consumption. I don’t know.

Summer Journal Comics: Off to see the world

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Have you read Stuart Little lately? I mean, read the book, not seen the CGI kids’ movie that came out a few years ago. We read it to the boys in the spring and man, what a somber, interesting ending to a book for children.

Summer Journal Comics: Free LEGO build

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Although I do like LEGO, happening upon The LEGO Store’s monthly free build was pure happenstance. The boys got to build a Star Wars droid of some kind. Elliot’s a bit indifferent to LEGO, but Henry’s really been enjoying the Ninja Turtles set his grandparents got him for Easter.

Summer Journal Comics: Ninja turtle party dude.

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Summer Journal Comics: Quick as an egg

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I don’t want to give you the idea that this entire run of summer comics will be about the weird things my youngest son says… but at this rate, it MAY BE.

Also, this is the last comic in my sketchbook I did in the rectangular, left to right format. Over the past year I’ve come to realize I much prefer the up and down style I’ve been using. It’s better for web posting anyway.