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Here’s Why, Part 3

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read the directions on all tests and exams

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I wasn’t doing teacher comics regularly last year, but this is one that came up at the end of ’09 that I really liked.

I still like the general concept of the comic enough to repost it although I think I may have come at the concept from a different angle if I had done it this year instead of in 2009. All the “rude” talk sort of stings, even if in this particular case, the student was one of the more rude teenagers I’ve worked with since moving to Ohio.

day sixty nine through seventy four.

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…and to my great surprise, this brings us to the END of the first semester of classes. While there are only sixty-odd strips posted in the past five months, if you add in the strips I “held back” on my four-a-week schedule, you get something like 85 comics drawn in the past few months. Since a school year is 180 days, I’m just about to my halfway point.

I thought about doing one comic a day for all of our testing days, but quite honestly there just isn’t a lot going on.

So no comic tomorrow and next Monday begins Semester Two.