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2011-2012 school year: first day

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Wow. It only took me two weeks to get to a comic involving students in my classroom.


day three.

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I may start using Fridays to run “classic” journal comics from my past five years of teaching, but for this week at least, here’s a new one.

day two.

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day one.

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Just a quick note: Most of the strips (if not all) have some open space in them. When I eventually do a print collection, I’m going to number them. For example, todays is “Day One”. Since posting them online allows me to give ’em titles, I figured I could leave it out for now.

I decided against numbering them now for a lot reasons, chief among them that there will be a whole mess of comics that are not to be published on line. They will only be available in the eventual print collection.

For example, today’s comic is technically about the first day of school, but there are several comics that document the days before the first day of school. Ya dig?