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retro comics: traveling teacher

Posted in comics with tags , , on July 27, 2010 by Christopher Pearce

During my first year of teaching at the high school where I currently work, I schlepped around the place with all my textbooks on a cart. This was my schedule:

When I say being a floating teacher was great, I could have probably gone into more detail. I think I did a VERY good job that year, keeping lessons interesting and varied while still running a marathon up, down, and across that building for nine and a half months.

I also realize that people cut me a lot of slack. I didn’t have the same types of evaluations as other teachers did because of the constraints I had on my time and environments. It’s hard to give someone advice on their classroom environment when it changes six times a day. The teachers with whom I shared my classrooms with were, in a word, spectacular. They were helpful and nice and only one was outwardly resentful at having to breathe the same air as me! Honestly, I would use the classrooms of teachers when they had their prep periods… can you imagine? You’ve got 40-odd minutes of peace and quiet on your schedule and IN walks Mr. Loud from New York City and disturbs your much-needed calm time!

Anyhow, there was something about this part of my life that was too big for my sketchbook. I had to get out a piece of Bristol board and chart the whole day out… and that was, I think, another important piece of bringing together all the elements into the teacher comic I’ve been doing for the past year.