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chalkboard photo post #5

Posted in chalkboard drawings with tags , , , , on October 18, 2009 by Christopher Pearce

Only two this week on account of my classes spending the majority of the last five days in the computer lab. In lieu of a chalkboard drawing, I drew this sign/reminder for any students that we would NOT be meeting in our usual place:


…we were in the classroom on Friday however, so it was back to my “monster a day until Halloween” challenge.


I may have done vampire a little too early, but I couldn’t think of any more “modern” monsters that were visually interesting.

chalkboard photo post #4.

Posted in chalkboard drawings with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 11, 2009 by Christopher Pearce

For the rest of October, I’ve challenged myself to draw some kind of movie monster into my morning chalkboard drawings. I tried to stay within the last twenty or so years for the first week.



I used the same Benchmark for three days because honestly, that’s what we were doing for three days, in three different ways.


This will probably be the Benchmark I use every Friday, as that’s when I give my students time in class for independent reading.
Incidentally, I also tried my hand at the Jigsaw puppet from those Saw movies but it was so bad I decided not to inflict that one on you.