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Teacher comics: Fallout from yesterday’s NPR piece

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Here’s what I’m talking about, if you missed the fun yesterday…

To say today was overwhelming would be an understatement.

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Welcome to all new readers! I’m hopeful you’ll stick around – there’s years worth of content in the archives and I’ll continue to post four new comics a week. If you’re interested, I also post the same content everyday over on my Tumblr, where there’s a vibrant and awesome community of teachers at the hashtag #education. Check them out.

I’ve received a lot of comments and mail, which I appreciate. I’ll be taking the next few days to sort through it all. I hope you all won’t begrudge me a day or two to get back to you.

Some readers have written to me about the challenges of working in an inner city school relating to supplies. If you’re inclined to help, I have a teacher wish list you can peruse, as well as several DonorsChoose projects awaiting funding. Please check those out at your leisure and help if you can.

Teachable Moments on NPR

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Well I’m pretty excited to tell all my readers: you can find today’s comic over at National Public Radio’s Education blog, as well as an interview with me. My comic is being included in NPR EDU’s series The Secret Lives of Teachers.

Click over there, read the comic and the interview… and if you could do me a solid, leave a comment over on NPR’s blog. I’d love for them to see this strip has an audience!

Teachable Moments profiled on nprED

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National Public Radio’s education blog has mentioned Teachable Moments in a series they’re calling The Secret Lives of Teachers.

How cool is that?!?

day one hundred twenty.

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Ways This Comic Could Have Sucked Less

1. Eliminate the narration (or whatever you call it).

2. Fix the hand in Panel #3.

3. Hire Jim Davis to punch it up a bit.

4. Find a way NOT to include a drawing of a car.

I am sure the list goes on.