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Ohio Schools Magazine: December/January 2020-2021

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Ohio Schools Comics: The Mandalorian and Me

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Here’s my newest comic from Ohio Schools Magazine. Serendipitously, today is May 4th so May the Fourth Be With You!

Teacher Voice!

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My comic for Ohio Schools’ June issue

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I’m going to try to post more comics in the upcoming school year but I’m also going to recommend you follow me on Twitter at @teachablecomics because it’s easier for me to post stuff there lately.

Teacher Comics: Ohio Schools for March 2017

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Teacher Comics: Happy (new) Year!

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tumblr_okgjz4nljc1qaci6zo1_1280I don’t have a daily journal comic today because, as per my schedule, two weeks ago today we had off for MLK Jr. Day. Instead, let me present to you my latest from Ohio Schools Magazine. I’m posting this New Year’s themed comic RIGHT at the end of January.

Another Ohio Schools Magazine comic

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Hey hey! My newest comic is running in the latest issue of Ohio Schools Magazine! In it, I talk about the Friedrichs v. California Teachers’ Association case.

I’ll post a better scan tomorrow, but for now… here it is!

Teaching Comics: My strip from Ohio Schools’ December issue

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Ohio-Schoold-DecemberHere’s a comic I did for Ohio Schools Magazine this month. It’s a slight reworking of a comic I did a few years ago.

Comics and Christmas have always gone together in my mind ever since I received The Essential Calvin & Hobbes as a gift many moons ago. I was so excited to be able to something in this vein.

My latest comic for Ohio Schools Magazine is up!

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Ohio Schools Charter Fire Department Comic

Hi everyone… still a few weeks away from starting up comics full time, but I thought you might enjoy my latest contribution to Ohio Schools Magazine. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.

Teachers have it easy during summer vacation – Teachable Moments in Ohio Schools Magazine!

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Hey, I forgot to tell you all! Ohio Schools Magazine printed a brand new comic by yours truly in their Summer 2015 issue! I seriously don’t know how this slipped my mind. It’s all about how soft we teachers have it with summer vacation.

Previous to this issue, Ohio Schools had reprinted earlier material I’ve posted here on blog and my Tumblr; this is the first time I’ve created new content for them!


My copy got a little soaked in our mailbox but you can check out a hi-res version over on Ohio Education Association’s website here.