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Questions from Readers: How did you get your new teaching job?

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I thought I’d answer one of the reader questions from a few weeks back.

I should mention how frightening I find the prospect of having to know someone within a school system to even rate an interview. While I had relatively quick appointments in my last two teaching positions, I’ve come to realize that this is nowhere near the norm.

I don’t want to use the word “cronyism” because that’s not what it is exactly… but a teacher candidate has a distinct advantage if they know someone in the school district at which they’re interviewing. There are some school districts here in SW Ohio which are nigh untouchable unless you’ve got a brother or a cousin who’s already working there… and they got their job because your great aunt was a secretary for the superintendent and so on.

This happens in every profession I guess.

Ask me a question and I’ll answer you with a comic!

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Over the life span of this blog, I will occasionally ask readers if they have any questions for me. I’ll answer questions at any time in the comments but I will occasionally open those questions up to being fodder for my comics. 

I’m making that offer again right now – Ask me any question you like in the comments… ask me about teaching. Ask me about my personal life. Ask me whatever you like and the best ones will be turned into comic strips to be posted in the upcoming weeks!



I’ve recently collected the best of the last few rounds of this in a small mini-comic you’ll be able to get your hands on in early June, if things go as planned! Ask your questions and maybe you can be included in the next volume!

Questions from readers: Fav media?

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So, a couple of notes about this one. Obviously, I drew this well in advanced of the end of How I Met Your Mother and… yeah, while there’s something to be said for a group of creative people “sticking to their guns” insofar as their preconceived end to the show, the finale of HIMYM, overall that last episode made me feel icky.

Secondly, well after drawing this comic, I realized: I ripped off the general structure of this strip from a very talented cartoonist named Melinda Boyce! It’s one of those thing where I read that comic like three or four years ago, forgot about it… and then ran across it again a few days after I drew this thing. Her version of this strip is a muuuuuuuch better version of this kind of thing (obviously) and you all should follow her comics at wherever they’re being posted right now.

Finally, you’ll notice no Doctor Who on those screens, but I am wearing a DW tee shirt. If you’re a fan of the doctor, the next few days will be your cuppa.

Questions from readers: Teaching abroad?

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I wish I had a better answer for this one! I would be a horrible teacher abroad, I so like the creature comforts of home. Would that I were more adventurous.

Questions from readers: Morning routine

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Questions from readers: Professionalism

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Questions from readers: Origin, part 2

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Questions from readers: Origin, part 1

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Questions from readers: Working well with others (colleagues)

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I hope this answer doesn’t seem like a dodge – I know my answer is basically “avoid all those people” and maybe that’s not entirely useful advice.

Questions from readers: Working well with others (students)

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