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sketchbook: random scribbles during the ogt

Posted in sketchbook with tags , , on March 29, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

On the last day of proctoring the Ohio Graduation Test, I was SO bored that I started scribbling on a spare piece of blank paper. Some thoughts, in no particular order:

I’ve been reading comic books for about twenty years and I’ve always thought Ghost Rider was sort of stupid. I recently read comic writer Jason Aaron’s thirty-odd issue run on the character. I wouldn’t exactly say that Aaron’s take on the character has dissuaded me of the notion that a flaming skull riding a motorcycle isn’t a stupid idea, but the way that he glories in what’s goofy about the character with a serious face made for a fun read.

A lot of my students are wearing hats like that one at the bottom.

Our dog Roxanne, is pretty ug. My best friend Melissa loves her so I’m expecting a nasty phone call about that doodle any minute now.

Oh, and the list is stuff I need to buy.

pearce family holiday drawings: thanksgiving 2010

Posted in illustration with tags , , , , , , on November 25, 2010 by Christopher Pearce

This year’s Thanksgiving drawing came out a little muddier than usual- I’m a total idiot when it comes to Photoshop, so I’m not very sure why. Our dog Roxanne is actually that cracked out and ugly.

Anyhow, Thanksgiving! Hope you have a happy one, if you’re celebrating. Ellen and I are hosting our first for some friends this afternoon and it should be a good time. I’ve already had to make three “emergency” runs to the grocery store, so I know there’ll be a lot of food.