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Sketchbook: Where he lives and what he brings

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My 2 year old daughter is convinced Santa lives in our chimney… so suck it everyone else, I guess. WE GOT SANTA IN OUR CHIMNEY AND HE’S BRINGING ME BEER.

Chalkboard drawings: The “Here comics Santa Claus” edition

Posted in chalkboard drawings with tags , on December 21, 2014 by Christopher Pearce


The last chalkboard drawing of 2014! I don’t draw on the board during midterm exam week.

This post coincides with my holiday hiatus, during which I will be enjoying two weeks off from school with my kith and kin. I’ll also be working on comics for the second semester. I’ll likely pop on here now and then, but no new teaching comics until 2015.

Speaking of the new year, I’m hoping to have a small print edition of all the comics from the last four months ready for sale sometime in the first week of 2015. All of you folks who have said you’d like to own a print version of the comics over the years better get ready!

Chalkboard Drawings: The “All Holiday” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.



Thankfully, my laptop decided to comply, so I can present to you all a holiday themed week on my chalkboard. My choices were slightly upset by an unplanned snowday midweek, but you won’t hear me complaining.

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Christmas Comic Cavalcade: DC Comics Presents #67

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In our final Christmas Comic Cavalcade of 2012, let’s look at DC Comics Presents #67, published in 1983. This yuletide comic was plotted by Len Wein and E. Nelson Bridwell, illustrated by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson.


That gorgeous cover is by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, by the way…

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thrift store finds: movie storybooks

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Let’s talk about movie storybooks, shall we?

The format still exists, but in this day and age of home entertainment and instant access to everything on the internet, it’s in a somewhat weakened state. These are oversized picture books filled with production stills, movie storybooks were somewhat elaborate retellings of hit movies.

The appeal of these books was the same as for movie novelizations and photo novels – in the days before you could look up an image on Google or read a recap on a movie news website, these books let kids experience the films they loved without having to beg their parents to take them to the same flick a second time.

Here are three storybooks I’ve run across in the past few months, with limited commentary.

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chalkboard drawings: the “end of the holidays” edition

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