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Sketch Cover Sale! Help my classroom out and get some artwork!

Posted in sketchbook with tags , on March 13, 2015 by Christopher Pearce

It’s that time again, readers… time for me to hawk my good to y’all. I love drawing on sketch covers and now you can love owning one of the sketch covers I loved all over with my pencils, pens, and markers! That sounds like a good sales pitch, right???

Anyway, I’m trying to scrape some money together for the Gem City Comic Con at the end of the month. My students and I are paneling at the show on Saturday and I’d like to have a little extra scratch for gas and other amenities. Last year I gave the kids a couple of bucks and let them go crazy at the long boxes, and that was super awesome.

…so here’s the deal, y’all – you can purchase any one of these predrawn sketch covers are $20 dollars apiece. That covers the actual cost of the comic (usually around $3-$5 dollars), my drawing fee (probably around $10 bucks, we’re not talking crazy rates here) and shipping to you.  I have a PayPal account and if you drop me a comment here with the book you’re interested in, we can work out the details.







Around Christmas, I acquired a sizable stack of blank sketch covers for IDW’s GI Joe #1.


Same deal as above, $20 dollars and I’ll draw you something on there are send it your way… only you get to choose what I draw for you. Please keep in mind, it’ll be in the style in which I draw the journal comic, so plan your choices accordingly. I’ll draw your favorite COBRA guy… or hell, I’ll draw whatever you like on there. Want a GI Joe comic with my version of Serpentor? Great! Want a cover where I draw something about Romeo & Juliet? I can do that!

Sketch covers: Bob’s Burgers #1

Posted in illustration with tags , , , , , , , on October 3, 2014 by Christopher Pearce

Over the summer, I discovered sketch covers… regular issues of comic books that are released with blank covers. The thought is (I’m guessing) that you’ll take the comic and get your favorite professional artist to doodle on the cover. Having said that, there’s nothing stopping us nonprofessionals from having a go.

When I saw that they had published a sketch cover edition of Bob’s Burgers #1, I jumped right on it. The cartoon is a favorite of mine and I have just the right number of family members to make this homage work… although Elliot had to be the stand-in for Tina Belcher. If you know Elliot, you’ll know he’d be just fine with this.

Normally I color these covers in, but the paper this cover is made out of doesn’t take marker very well.



If you’re interested, I have a gallery of some of the other sketch covers I’ve done over on my Tumblr. I’ve sold all of those but I should have a couple new ones up for sale pretty soon.