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The Island of Misfit Toys: ThunderCats Tower of Omens playset

Posted in island of misfit toys with tags , , , , , , on February 2, 2013 by Christopher Pearce


Marooned this week on the Island of Misfit Toys, let’s look at The Tower of Omens playset from Bandai‘s recent ThunderCats line of action figures. Retail price on this playset was $39.95 but as you can see from the tag, I got it for a little over $10 bucks on major closeout.


Over the past year, my sons and I have become fans of these ThunderCats toys, based on the 2011 reboot of the beloved animated series from the 1980’s. Bandai seemed poised to overtake toy aisles with their ThunderCats… but I guess it just wasn’t to be. The new cartoon was little-seen (I’m a fan of these toys and I have never seen one episode) and just about everything ended up in closeout and clearance.

The Tower of Omens seems to be Bandai’s answer to the ThunderCats previous playset – The Cat’s Lair. The Cat’s Lair was a truly impressive edifice of playsettery and a pretty hard act to follow. I can’t say The Tower of Omens does that, but lets take a look.

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thrift store finds: target clearance finds

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Twice a year, our local Target liquidates all the toys and games which aren’t big sellers. While in the past, most of the toys I’ve noticed on clearance have been well-deserving of being on the chop, this time around I couldn’t help but notice some darn fun action figures on offer. Combining this with both Elliot and Henry having become old enough to enjoy playing with these types of toys (well, mostly Henry if I’m being honest) was all the motivation I needed to buy some of this stuff.

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