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2011-2012 school year: getting on with it

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Eagle eyed among you will recognize some students from this comic, all the way back in September.

…and I’m not slagging off ice breaker games here, don’t get that idea! I’ve done plenty of comics in the past about the different activities I use to get the ball rolling in my 9th grade classes. It’s just, a 12th grade class? At least in my school, most of those kids know one another already. You could argue that an ice breaker could, in some ways, bring the class together even if they DID know one another already. That’s a fair point, but with a half-year class, it’s hard to give up time for something like that. You hope the culture of the classroom will form regardless.

Wow, that probably could have been a comic in and of itself.

2011-2012 school year: icebreakers

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While they’ve become more or less the standard in most classrooms, I honestly do not remember doing any ice breakers when I was in school. I don’t know if this was just my experience, or if the idea of ice breakers is just a new trend. Every teacher seems to have their own thing they do… and certainly I’ve done a bunch of different icebreakers over the years.

day six. routines.

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Note: My shirt sleeves being rolled up in Panel 1 is NOT a continuity error. I’ll explain my strange teacherly peccadillos in upcoming weeks, I promise.

day three.

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I may start using Fridays to run “classic” journal comics from my past five years of teaching, but for this week at least, here’s a new one.