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A happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day to all!

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Ah yes, it’s that time of year… the bird is slowly cooking in the oven, oversized balloons of popular cartoon characters are bouncing down 34th Street, and I’m preparing to gorge on an entire day of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in honor of that greatest of geek holidays – Turkey Day.

Turkey Day was a regular fixture of my Thanksgivings growing up. I was a tremendous fan of MST3K and the prospect of having a whole day of it at my fingertips was incredible. The Turkey Day festivities fell to the wayside when the show moved to The SciFi Channel, but that’s never stopped me from programming my own Turkey Day from old VHS cassettes and more recently, online streaming options (including the online revival at

So, if you’ll indulge me, behind the cut are my Turkey Day plans. Wishing everyone a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving today!

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Teaching Comics: Pre Turkey Day blahs

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True story: When I started teaching in the school district I’m currently employed with, their Thanksgiving break was A FULL WEEK. It was amazing.

Thrift Store Finds: Beavis & Butthead #11 (Marvel Comics)

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving, everyone! This week, we’re looking at Beavis & Butthead #11, published by Marvel Comics in 1994.

B&B Cover

Cover price was $1.95, I paid a quarter. This book was published under the Marvel Humor banner, which later morphed into Marvel Absurd.

Although The Simpsons gets the lion’s share of credit for the reemergence of animation in prime time television during the 1990’s, it’s important not to underestimate the contributions of MTV during this time. MTV’s Liquid Television was a shining beacon of adult-level animated entertainment. It was also a proving ground for many future prime time animated efforts like Aeon Flux (good), The Brothers Grunt (awful), and most popularly, the dim-witted duo Beavis and Butthead. B&B were an unstoppable, omnipresent juggernaut during most of the 1990’s, with their long-running cartoon, the much-hyped big-budget movie, and the plethora of licensed materials for sale in stores.

For those who do not remember the concept, Beavis and Butthead are two incorrigible teenage idiots who are motivated by hormones, television, and food… in that order, pretty much. The animated series divided time equally between the boys’ stupid adventures and time spent killing brain cells in front of the TV watching music videos, in a wonderful “bite the hand that feeds them” stroke of comedy, on MTV itself. The Marvel Comics follows much in the same mold.

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happy thanksgiving!

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I drew this a couple of years ago, when Elliot was a toddler.


what I’m doing over thanksgiving break

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Today’s our last day of class before break, so I thought it was time to look forward.

Seemingly over the course of time I’ve been doing this comic, I’ve become one of those guys who wakes up early and goes and waits in line outside a retailer on Black Friday. I’m somewhat comforted in my choice of store. I love Half-Price Books Black Friday deal – the first 100 people into the store get at $5 dollar gift card and everything’s 15% off. I don’t even have to elbow a lot of people out of my way when I go as most of the shoppers there are looking for deals on DVDs and BluRays.

odds and ends: break lamentations, wreck-it ralph, marvel book

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Once upon a time, my school district had an INSANE Thanksgiving break. They would get (and please believe me, I’m not kidding here) A FULL WEEK OFF. As someone coming to the district from the East Coast, to me this amount of time off was something I couldn’t comprehend. A full week… I was used to two days for my Thanksgiving break: Thursday and Friday.

Sadly, I only experienced that joyful lunacy once – the schedule was amended the year after I joined Middletown City Schools. This was probably for the best. We’re so close to Winter Break anyhow, it doesn’t exactly help matters to serve up a week off three weeks before Midterms.

Still, I’m missing that nice chunk of time off right about now.


As it has been unseasonably warm this November, Ellen and and I decided to load the boys up in the car and go to the drive-in movie theater this past weekend. We went to see Wreck-It Ralph.

It was an enjoyable movie. Watching Wreck-It Ralph, it’s fairly clear how much influence Pixar’s formula for their movies has had on Walt Disney Animation now that they are the dominant force in animated features. The flick straddled that line between having a lot of enjoyable in-jokes and being too overrun with winking nods and innuendo.

John C. Reilly does a fantastic job giving life to Ralph, but it makes me wish Disney had been a bit more adventurous with some of their other casting choices. Jane Lynch essentially does Sue Sylvester here as Sgt. Calhoun, the tough-as-nails title character from one of the video games. Ditto Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix Jr., the naive hero of Ralph’s arcade console.

The best part of the movie was Paperman, the short feature attached to our viewing of the film. A lovely, heartfelt ode to romance in modern times, it was a gorgeous piece of work and I recommend it even more highly than the feature itself.


I’m currently reading Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe.

I’m scolding myself a little bit for the choice. I have a backlog of books I’ve been wanting to read for awhile and I let this one cut ahead of the line… even though I know a lot of the behind the scenes stories Howe purports to reveal here.

It’s an altogether interesting and readable history of the House of Ideas, very even-handed in its’ portrayals of both the good aspects of Marvel… and the sometimes deplorable actions of the company. Equal weight is given in the Stan Lee v. Jack Kirby debate (although you’d have to be an idiot not to side with Kirby) and I was surprised to find a wealth of information dealing with Marvel Comics in the 1990’s. Marvel’s “driven by the dollar” actions in the Nineties were instrumental in the economic downturn of the comics market and Howe doesn’t shy away from that fact.

happy turkey day!

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Hope y’all are having an great Thanksgiving Day. I’ll be spending mine at home with Ellen, the kids, and our Canadian friends who have long since celebrated their country’s Thanksgiving but will enjoy ours as well. It’s a well-deserved break from teaching for me and a well-deserved break for my students. I have a really wonderful group of young people this year; it’s one of the many things I am thankful for.

…but hey, let’s not let a post here go by without some tip of the hat to the season! I wasn’t in my classroom to draw my typically festive chalkboard missives this year; we’ve been working in the computer lab for the past few days. Instead, please enjoy my hastily scribbled sign, placed on my door to allow students to know where our class could be found in the days leading up to break.

odds and ends

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Students and teachers alike are doing the countdown to Thanksgiving. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a product of New York schools and NY has some nicely permissive policies when dealing with days off.

For example, I received most of the Jewish holidays off when I was growing up; Southwest Ohio provides no days off for these holidays. Despite our capital being named for the man, we also do not receive Columbus Day off. Most Ohio schools run from Labor Day to Thanksgiving without one day off for either teachers or students; Turkey Day holds special meaning to those of us who have had our nose to the grindstone for all those weeks.

Of course, we DO get out of school obscenely early- when most of my NYC teachers are sweating June out in classrooms, I’ve already been done with teaching for two weeks.


In other school news, Ohio voters defeated Senate Bill 5!

I had very little doubt the unpopular law would be shown the door, but I’ve learned you never can tell when it comes to Ohio. I do know that the county I lived in was one of the few in the state to unanimously vote YES on 5. It’s hard to handicap these things.

I would be more excited about this, except I am absolutely positive there are politicians ensconced somewhere in the state’s capital, scheming of a new way to take away my health insurance and dock my salary.


I didn’t share pictures of Halloween, did I? Oh well. They’re behind the cut, if you’re interested.

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