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Teacher Comics: An old man talking

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After all the technology bashing I’ve been doing in the PARCC comics, I wanted to be honest about some of my own weird limitations when it comes to accepting new stuff. I mean… dittos are the stuff of myth and legend at this point, but I picked up that term when I was working as a janitor in my old elementary school and I’ll be damned if I can’t get it off my tongue to this day.

Teacher Comics: Dystopia/Utopia?

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odds and ends- i’m a minimate contest winner

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Check out this sweet prize I won. Some of you might remember, I collect Minimates on and off. Diamond Select Toys and Collectables, the company that distributes Minimates, had  a contest a few weeks ago. You could enter simply by posting a link to their website on your Facebook page. I did, and I won!

The first part of the prize was awesome but… unwieldy.

I got two GIGANTIC posters. Seriously, their eight feet long and three feet wide. Here’s one of ’em.

I have no idea what I am going to do with either of these things, but they’re quite cool. I also received a box full of Minimates:

A bunch of them are from the recent Marvel v. Capcom line of Minimates. I should say, this is a line I wouldn’t have bought myself, as I already have all the Marvel character I want/need and I don’t have much interest in video games. Having seen the toys now, I am really glad I got these. The Marvel characters are quite well-designed and although I don’t know many of the video game guys, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the characters was Arthur. He’s the knight from the Ghouls and Goblins game I used to play as a kid. I also received a really cool stealth jet from the Minimates M.A.X line. It’s quite a neat toy, with removable wings that attach to an included Minimate-sized backpack.

To be perfectly honest with you… although the big posters and toys were great, I was FAR more excited about the other part of the prize. Art Asylum sent me a couple of pieces of control art they use to design and finalize the toys. They sent me two of these drawings and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. They’re all drawn in pencil.

The first one is clearly Wolverine, in his civvies.

…and the second is Zuul, a.k.a. Dana Barrett!

Anyone whose read this blog for longer than a week knows how big a fan I am of Ghostbusters. This control art is really cool, especially since I happen to own the Zuul/Dana Minimate, and I could compare and contrast.

At any rate. many thanks to Art Asylum, Diamond Select Toys and Collectables, and Zach Oat for the cool prizes.

day one hundred nineteen.

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1. I’ve been pushing Carrie on many of my students. This will probably sound weird to a whole contingent of readers who do not work with kids, but most students have NEVER heard of the book before. Carrie has a great, creepy hook right at the beginning and I’ve had a lot of success with it.

2. The Hunger Games is a huge favorite of mine, personally. My wife and I discovered it on a car ride from Ohio to New York lasat smmer and we’reanxiously awaiting Mockingjay this August. I’m hoping that Collins has the wherewithal to simply let this be a trilogy. I’m going to become significantly less interested in Katnis if I have to follow her through umpteen sequels and prequels.

3. Again, anxiously awaiting the sixth Scott Pilgrim book this August. My August’s getting full up of book purchases!

4. I don’t really try to be funny with these comics, but I guess I was being funny here. Truth be told, I haven’t read t.t.y.l. myself. It could be AMAZING. I know students enjoy it and I try not to police their personal reading choices too harshly. It must be said though, I could never read one of Myracle’s books… but I suppose that is probably the point.