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chalkboard photo post: jerry nelson and nintendo

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The rest of the chalkboard drawings are behind the cut, but this one is different from the rest and got a pretty great reaction from the kids. Jerry Nelson’s work with the Muppets was a HUGE part of my childhood. I didn’t realize how big a part of my students’ childhood he was as well. I’m glad I could share the guy’s life with everyone.

The rest of these are Nintendo themed.

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2011-2012 school year: tattooed ladies make for good students

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Lydia the Tattooed Lady is most famously known as being sung by Groucho Marx in At the Circus…

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2011-2012 school year: talk talk

Posted in 2011-2012 school year with tags , , on November 22, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

I got my mind on Muppets and Muppets on my mind with the new movie coming out in a few days… clearly there’s a little inspiration in this quick strip.

I’ve been looking forward to taking Elliot to see a new Muppet movie ever since I heard one was being made. I have a really fond memory of going to see The Muppets Take Manhattan with my aunt when I was about Elliot’s age. Hopefully it’s good!

not teaching comics: sketchbook page

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I haven’t been getting any actual comics done this week, but I did do a bunch of doodling in my sketchbook. Here’s a page.

I was just going through my current stack of comics and drawing some of the characters in them. I’m a big fan of The Muppet Show Comic Book that BOOM Studios has been putting out, especially when Roger Langridge┬áis doing the art. I’m also really digging DC Comics’ Jonah Hex book… it’s the only “straight” superhero book I’m buying regularly right now, and I guess it’s not even a superhero book, really. I picked up Image Comics’ Invincible last week on a whim, but I usually stick to reading that in trades.

The Return of the Jedi speeder-bike is just something I felt like drawing. Elliot’s been playing with a lot of my old Star Wars figurines this month.

Hey! Don’t forget! Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! If you go to your local comic book store, they should have tons of free comics for you to buy! Elliot and I are going to our LCBS, Up Up and Away Comics, tomorrow… bright and early. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of fun and worth checking out.