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Teacher Comics: Wicked Burn on Demi Moore

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For anyone who’s ever seen it, the ’95 version of The Scarlet Letter watches more like an adaptation commissioned by Cinemax with the edict, “Get rid of all that Puritan stuff and make it sexy!” It’s a terrible film.

There IS, in fact, a pretty decent mini-series adaptation of The Scarlet Letter from 1979, starring Meg Foster and John Heard. I do end up showing some of that to my students eventually.

Teacher Comics: Easy A

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I’ve talked about this as a pet peeve of mine as far as it goes with teachers – I feel like there’s WAY too much lesson planning that barely goes as far as “we read the book, then we watch the movie.” It’s one of the reasons I go out of my way to try and teach books for which there are no movies.

Teacher Comics: Student debate and discussion

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I refrain from mentioning “Hester has to stay in Boston otherwise there would be no story for you to discuss and debate.”

Teacher Comics: Shut up and let them do their work (sometimes)

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I try not to have a TON of running commentary on these posts, but I just wanted to mention something about how this comic project has helped me to be a better educator.

Today’s deals with a problem I have in the classroom; I have a tendency to run off at the mouth sometimes when I’d be better served to stop talking and let students get on with it. I suppose it’s something I sort of knew about myself but in drawing these comics and being reflective about my job, I’ve had the tendency pop up a few times in the comics.

I don’t want to generalize but I do believe most educators don’t get anywhere near enough time to reflect on their work. We get observations where we’re asked to jump through hoops for the sake of jumping through them with little time to consider “Why?” or “How can I be better?”

One of the things doing this comic has afforded me is a chance to step back and realize where I need to work to get better as a teacher.

Teacher Comics: Hester Prynne for the next few weeks…

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